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The name Somme comes from a Celtic word meaning « tranquility ». The department Somme was named after this river. Forest of Arrouaise somme 1916 PDF Fonsommes near Saint-Quentin, to the Bay of the Somme, in the English Channel.

The Somme featured prominently in several historical campaigns. In 1066, the invasion fleet of William the Conqueror assembled in the Bay of the Somme, at Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. In 1636, a Spanish army led by Thomas Francis, prince of Carignan, crossed the Somme defeating a French army during the Thirty Years War threatening Paris. Most famously, the Battle of the Somme, during World War I, lasted from July to November 1916 and resulted in more than a million casualties. The source of the Somme, at Fonsommes. The estuary is now much smaller than it once was but still extensive. The river is characterized by a very gentle gradient and a steady flow.

The valley is more or less steep-sided but its bottom is flat with fens and pools. These characteristics of steady flow and flooded valley bottom arise from the river’s being fed by the ground water in the chalk basin in which it lies. This satellite photograph shows the fenny valley crossing the chalk to the sea on the left. The sinuous length at the centre of the picture lies downstream from Péronne.

One of the fens, the Marais de l’Île is a nature reserve in the town of St. The traditional market gardens of Amiens, the Hortillonages are on this sort of land but drained. The construction of the Canal de la Somme began in 1770 and reached completion in 1843. Simon and opening into the Bay of the Somme. Thence to the sea, the river is partly river and partly navigation.

An example of the lakes formed in the fen of the valley bottom. The St Quentin Canal, famous for the 1918 battle, links the Somme to northern France and Belgium and southward to the Oise. In 2001, the Somme valley was affected by particularly high floods, which were in large part due to a rise in the water table of the surrounding land. Modelling the long-term fluvial erosion of the river Somme during the last million years ». Wikimedia Commons has media related to Somme River. Turnerparade zur Eröffnung des Deutschen Stadions am 8. IOC-Präsident Coubertin hatte Berlin favorisiert, denn er meinte, dies könne im Sinne der Völkerverständigung dazu beitragen, den drohenden Krieg zu verhindern.