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This robin des Bois PDF needs additional citations for verification. Robin Hood: Men in Tights is a 1993 American musical adventure comedy film and a parody of the Robin Hood story.

Son nom est dans tous les esprits, ses exploits ont traversé les siècles, mais qui connaît véritablement l’histoire de Robin des Bois ? Aristocrate spolié de ses biens et de ses titres, justicier aux méthodes peu conventionnelles, gentleman au noble cœur, Robin a juré de protéger les faibles et d’organiser la résistance contre le féroce shérif Fitz-Alwine, qui terrorise les habitants de Nottingham. Pour échapper à sa vindicte, le héros peut compter sur ses fidèles amis – Will l’Écarlate, Petit-Jean, frère Tuck et les autres. De sa naissance à sa mort, découvrez dans ce roman la vie du plus célèbre archer de la forêt de Sherwood !

Création Studio Flammarion Illustration : Tofdru © Flammarion

Robin of Locksley is captured during the Crusades and is imprisoned at Khalil Prison in Jerusalem. With the help of fellow inmate Asneeze, who was arrested for jaywalking, he escapes and frees the other inmates. Robin is asked by Asneeze to find his son, Ahchoo. Robin recruits the large and ignorant Little John, and his friend Will Scarlet O’Hara, to help regain his father’s land and oust Prince John from the throne. On his quest, Robin also attracts the attention of Maid Marian of Bagelle, who wants to find the man who has the key to her heart and Everlast chastity belt.

At the archery tournament, a disguised Robin makes it to the final round, where he makes his shot but loses to his opponent. Sheriff and Prince John then pull out their own copies and confirm this. Giovanni’s assassin attempts to kill Robin by shooting at him with a scoped crossbow, but Blinkin catches the arrow in midair. Several hours later, the ceremony commences with the opening prayer in Pig Latin.

The Abbot quickly and discreetly reveals the Sheriff’s unimposing first name, Mervyn. Before Marian can say « I do », the castle is attacked by the Men in Tights, led by Little John, Ahchoo, Blinkin, and Will. They quickly free Robin and a battle ensues. Robin arrives and begins to duel the sheriff, during which Robin’s key falls into the lock of Marian’s chastity belt, and Robin realizes it really is the key to « the greatest treasure in all the land. After winning the fight Robin spares the sheriff’s life only to miss his sheath and accidentally run the sheriff through.

All being as it should be, Robin and Marian are married and Ahchoo is made the new sheriff of Rottingham. When the crowd expresses its disbelief at a black sheriff, Ahchoo reminds them that « it worked in Blazing Saddles ». When the night comes, Robin and Maid Marian attempt to open the chastity belt, only to realize her lock will not open with his key. Critics gave mixed reviews to the film, with many noting that the film lacked as many humorous scenes as Brooks’s earlier works. Robin Hood: Men in Tights was not one of Brooks’s best grossing films in its theatrical release, though Brooks mentions that it and Spaceballs are his two top selling films on video in a DVD interview for the latter film.