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The Red Shoes is the seventh studio album by Red eyes Vol.4 PDF musician Kate Bush. Released on 2 November 1993, it was accompanied by Bush’s short film, The Line, the Cross and the Curve, and was her last album before taking a 12-year hiatus.

La troisième armée du Régium continue de faire de la résistance. De nouveaux soldats la rejoignent chaque jour. Parmi eux, le capitaine Grahald Mills, héros national que son propre pays considère comme un rebelle. Le valeureux soldat croit maîtriser son destin et se battre pour délivrer son peuple de l’occupation dragnovienne, mais n’est-il pas l’instrument d’une sombre machination ? Un retour attendu, magistralement mis en scène par Jun Shindo. 

This was a troubled time for Bush, who had suffered a series of bereavements including the loss of her favoured guitarist, Alan Murphy, as well as her mother, Hannah, who died the year before the album’s release. Bush’s long-term relationship with bassist Del Palmer had also ended, although the pair continued to work together. I’ve been very affected by these last two years », she remarked in late 1991. Many of the people she lost are honoured on the ballad « Moments of Pleasure », as well as director Michael Powell, with whom she had discussed working with shortly before his death in 1990. Composer and conductor Michael Kamen contributed a score for the song.

Most notably, The Red Shoes featured many more high-profile cameo appearances than her previous efforts. The track « Why Should I Love You? Prince as well as guest vocals from comedian Lenny Henry. A short film, The Line, the Cross and the Curve, written and directed by Bush, and starring herself and English actress Miranda Richardson, was released the same year.

In 1995, Bush received a Brit Award nomination for Best British Female Artist. The album was recorded digitally, and Bush has since expressed regrets about the results of this, which is why she revisited seven of the songs using analogue tape for her 2011 album Director’s Cut. Bush performed « Lily » and « Top of the City » for the first time in 2014 as part of the Before the Dawn concert residency. All tracks written by Kate Bush.

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