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Agent secret très spéciale, Mona est spécialisée dans des affaires de mœurs qui la plonge dans des univers où le sexe règne en maître. D’une sensualité et d’un appétit hors norme, Mona se laisse souvent entraîner par sa libido dévorante et mène ses enquêtes au rythme de ses aventures. BD dans la pure tradition de l’école italienne de BD de charme, la série Mona Agent X est destinée à devenir un des classiques du genre. Deux autres albums sont déjà prêts.

Mona Iannotti, who goes by Mona Marshall, is an American voice actress known for her work in a number of cartoons, anime shows, films and video games. Marshall has a theatre background and trained for the stage. She is often cast in the roles of young male characters. Her roles have included parts in not only in American animated television series and several animated feature films, but also in Japanese anime. Outside of voice acting, Marshall has coached others on the craft, and has worked on a singing career with solo songs she would perform on stage. A Show of Her Own : Mona Marshall performed other people’s songs for years, but finally realized she had something to say. Her solo act features all original material ».

Love Hina, Volume 5 – Summer By The Sea. Event occurs at Closing credits, English Language Cast. Event occurs at Closing credits, English language cast. Doraemon, Giovanni’s Island Dubs Premiere in L.

10 Things You Might Not Know About South Park ». Deconstructing South Park: Critical Examinations of Animated Transgression ». Films’ English Dub Casts Mona Marshall, Cristina Vee, Kate Higgins ». Filming took place between March and May 2008. Extensive visual effects were used in many scenes throughout the film. Max Payne was released on October 16, 2008 in Australia, one day prior to the United States release date.