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France, located in the Lille metropolitan area. Roubaix occupies a central position on the north-east les Van Hecke de la Piscine PDF of the Métropole Européenne de Lille: it is set on the eastern side of Lille and the southern side of Tourcoing, close to the Belgian border.

The Trichon stream fed by waters of the Espierre stream used to flow through the rural landscape of Roubaix before the industrialisation process began to alter this area in the middle of the 19th century. Opened in 1877, the Canal de Roubaix crosses the town from its northern neighbourhoods to its eastern neighbourhoods and flows along the city’s boundaries. The Canal de Roubaix closed in 1985, after more than a century in use. Despite some American statements that weather conditions in Roubaix were bad during the 19th century, the area of the city is not known for undergoing unusual weather events. The current city’s name is most likely derived from Frankish rausa « reed » and baki « brook ».

Parallel to the official and usual name Roubaix, some translations are worth a mention. You can help by adding to it. View of the city, dated 1699. Landscape with the castle, surrounded by a moat, next to the Sainte-Elisabeth hospital at left, the mill at right and the Saint-Martin church, regarded as the city’s centre point, at centre. Party per pale ermine a chief gules and azure, thereon between two bobbins argent a five-pointed star or in chief, a wool-cards at its centre and a shuttle fesswise in base or, all within a bordure indented of the same.