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Croix de Guerre des Theatres d’Operations Exterieurs ribbon. It is responsible for providing guards of honor for the State and security la cité républicaine PDF the Paris area. Military ceremonies and guards of honour for fallen soldiers.

The Republican Guard also represents France at international events at home or abroad. It is twinned with the Red Guard of Senegal. The Republican Guard is the heir of the various bodies that preceded it in the course of French history and whose task was to honor and protect the high authorities of the State and City of Paris : Gardes Françaises of the Kings, Consular and Imperial guard of Napoleon, etc. In 1813 it was dissolved following the attempted coup of General Malet and replaced by the Imperial Gendarmerie of Paris and then, under the Restoration, the Royal Guard of Paris and the Royal Mounted Police of Paris. June 1848 saw the creation of the Republican Guard of Paris, including an infantry regiment and a regiment of cavalry. On February, 1 1849, a Napoleon III decree made the Guard a part of the French National Gendarmerie. It received its insignia July 14, 1880.

It didn’t take part in the First World War as a unit but more than one third of its personnel were seconded to Army regiments for the duration of the conflict. In 1952, the guard was renamed the Legion of the Republican Guard of Paris and took part in the Indochina War, which earned it the Croix de Guerre. In 1978, the guard took its current name of « Republican Guard. President Giscard d’Estaing gave it, on 11 November 1979, its new insignia.

Michele Alliot-Marie, Minister of Defence, said in October 2002: « The Republican Guard has a popularity that transcends borders, » it contributes « to the splendour of the French military and France. Brazilian President Lula reviewing the Republican Guard in 2005. These ceremonial functions are performed mainly by the first infantry regiment, the cavalry regiment and occasionally by the second infantry regiment. Detachments from the cavalry regiment reinforce the two infantry regiments in carrying out ceremonial and security duties in and around state buildings. These Republican Guards belong to the Cavalry Regiment and not to the infantry units whose mission is to ensure the security of these palaces and of senior government figures. Security of diplomatic bags entering and leaving the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the airports.

Safety of sport events such as the Tour de France cyclist race by the motorcycle squadron. Assistance and coopereration in foreign countries and especially in former French colonies. The Republican Guard belongs to the French National Gendarmerie. It is made up of approx. As a historically Parisian organization, the guards wear the armorial bearings of the city on their uniforms.

It also has four musical formations, as well as display teams demonstrating prowess in horseback or motorcycle maneuvers. Garde républicaine cavalry squadron – Paris. Headquartered in the Quartier des Célestins, and Quartier Carnot barracks the cavalry regiment is made up of approx. This unit has a section of high level sportsmen, in particular Hubert Perring, dressage champion of France in 2005, and member of the French team for the World Equestrian Games of 2006.

The Guard Cavalry Regiment is twinned with the British Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, the Italian Carabinieri Cavalry Regiment and the Senegalese Red Guard. Republican Guard Infantry in ceremonial uniform. The regular sections perform ceremonial duties and guards. The intervention platoons provide special security in the government buildings and palaces protected by the Guard.