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Harmonium was a Quebec progressive rock band formed in 1972 in Montreal. Later harmonium PDF, in 1973, they met bassist Louis Valois and formed Harmonium. In November 1973, the group performed their first air play on CHOM-FM.

Wallace Stevens est considéré comme l’un des plus grands poètes américains aux côtés de T S Eliot ou William Carlos Williams. En 1923, il publie les poèmes qui constituent ce recueil. A travers cet ensemble de voix et de registres, allant de l’aigu au grave, du ludique au rhétorique, Wallace Stevens tente de trouver un ordre au chaos du monde. «La poésie, disait-il, est une façon de rendre acceptable l’expérience, presque entièrement inexplicable, que l’on est en train de vivre.»

Their second album Si on avait besoin d’une cinquième saison, better known as Les Cinq saisons, was an immediate success. This concept album included five songs, each one representing a season with the last song being a long instrumental representing a fifth and imaginary season. Finally, the double album L’Heptade, was released in 1976 after months of recording in Serge Fiori’s own house in St-Césaire, Québec. The songs describe seven stages of consciousness in a person’s daily life. The group was invited to Los Angeles, where the performance of old and new material was filmed by a team from the National Film Board of Canada and released as Harmonium en Californie in October 1979. In 2007, all three of Harmonium’s studio albums were named among the 100 greatest Canadian albums of all time in Bob Mersereau’s book The Top 100 Canadian Albums. L’Heptade XL, a remixed version of the album, with a few minutes of new recordings, was released on November 18th 2016 to celebrate its fortieth anniversary.