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This article needs additional citations for verification. A portrait of a young man, believed to be Jofré Borgia. Gioffre and Sancha were 12 and 16, respectively, at the time borgia ! PDF their marriage.

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The marriage was a political one. Alfonso married his daughter to Gioffre and gave the over-large dowry in return for Pope Alexander’s recognition of Alfonso’s claim to the throne of Naples. During this time the young couple lived mostly at Rome, where Sancha reputedly had affairs with both of her husband’s elder brothers, Giovanni and Cesare, among others. Gioffre’s relationship with his father was poor. Pope Alexander VI legitimized him, but privately expressed doubts that Gioffre was his son. He considered him a weakling because of his lack of interest in politics. Prospero Colonna he changed sides to join the Spanish, which caused a rebellion in Alvito.

Two years later Sancha died childless. Consequently, the Spanish King of Naples, Ferdinand II of Aragon, took possession of Gioffre’s estates in Alvito. However, Gioffre was able to retain Squillace, on the Calabrian coast, which he ruled as a feudal vassal of Naples. Gioffre’s second marriage was to one of his cousins, Maria de Mila of Aragon. They had a son, Francesco, and three daughters: Lucrezia, Antonia and Maria Borgia. Francesco inherited his father’s lands and the title of Prince of Squillace. Gioffre and Sancha are generally thought to have been the models for the boy and girl in the artist Pinturicchio’s ‘Disputation of St Catherine’, where they are depicted as a young couple in love.

In the 1981 BBC mini-series, The Borgias, Jofré is played by British Actor Louis Selwyn. In the 2011 Showtime series The Borgias, Joffré is played by British actor Aidan Alexander. The role was a minor one, and he only appeared in the first season. In the 2011 French-German series Borgia, Goffredo is played by Czech actor Adam Misík in the first and second seasons. In the third and final season, the role is played by Italian actor Niccolò Besio. In this series, his son Francesco is depicted as being the bastard son of his first wife Sancia from her affair with his brother Juan, as opposed to being his own legitimate son by his second wife, Maria de Mila.

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